Contact Center Solution

This is a complete desktop productivity tool which enables the customer to control telephone calls, internal chatting, and display contact related information from a personal computer.

Solution Description

CASCO Contact Center provides a complete desktop productivity tools and components designed to enhance a user’s contact center, regarding supervision and control issues.

CASCO Contact Center software application runs on Microsoft Windows NT4, Windows 2000 Server) enabling customers to control telephone calls (both incoming and outgoing (optional)), internal text chatting, and display contact related information from a personal computer. The Casco system has two components

  • Server Component,
  • Agents/Supervisor Desktop Components.

System Features

The System will help companies with mission critical customer support to:

  • Better Receive/Handle (follow up)/Solve customer problems.
  • Enhances agents' response time and productivity.
  • Gain more control on your overall customer support system (the system can be interfaced with your existing customer support system (most windows application)).
  • Easily manage service groups (Sales, Networking, etc…).

Server Component

CASCO Server component is a windows-based Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) application, it handles all incoming customer calls performs a pre-specified Agent Routing Mechanism (ARM), for optimized customer service, the server will can also identify customers either via the Caller ID (optional), or by getting a PIN number from the customer. The customer information is then passed to the agents who are classified as the best agents for that customer.

A major feature in the system is that it enables the use of user tailored scripts (for ARM), on a specific channel or on all channels. The following are some special features in the server component:

  • Each channel can execute either a global or specific script.
  • The customer will be prompt to leave a voice mail message if no agents were able to receive his/her call.
  • Online supervision of all channel status, and agent status.
  • Customized settings for PABX's, Calendar, and more….

Agent/Supervisor Desktop Component

CASCO Agent/Supervisor desktop component is a windows-based client (Supported Microsoft Windows operating systems 98, NT4, Windows 2000, XP or 2003), that supports contact center functionality, logging into the system (queuing), identifying and answering calls, and managing connected calls.

The system logs all agent activities, interactively display them (online) in the supervisor screen to enable the supervisor better monitor agents performance.

Supervisor Screen Agent Screen

Reporting Tool,

The system contains many reports (Detailed, Summary, Graphical, and Analytical). This reach set of reports allows the supervisor to fully characterize the performance of all agents. The system has more than 30 standard reports; all reports are both real-time and historical.