Fleet Management Solution

This solution improves the efficiency and visibility of your fleet operation regardless of size, complexity or geographical spread.

System Features

lwFleetMan Fleet and AVL Solutions can improve the efficiency and visibility of your fleet operation regardless of size, complexity or geographical spread by delivering key performance fleet operating information direct to your desktop on demand, empowering you to drive out inefficiencies and improve fleet performance. The following are the main features of the system:

Data Collection and Interface Server

This module provides the interface layer with many standard and radio based GPS devices, and provides administrative layer as follow:

  • Interface with the vehicle data radio receiver ad NEMA based receiver modules (via RS232 and via IP) to obtain vehicle position and speed.
  • Display all vehicles’ data on both digital maps and Google maps for monitoring and supervision.
  • Provides analytical and historical reports for vehicles’ data.
  • Connects to the higher level server module to send real-time location data to the Area Software Module.
  • Recording for driver/base conversations for radio devices, which is stored with the path of the vehicle for dispute resolution.
  • Capable of defining alarms and their corresponding actions, which can be sent either by email or via SMS to system administrators:
    • Geo-fencing.
    • Link failures (local RS232 or TCP with the higher level).
    • Speed limits.
    • Idle time.
    • Vehicle moving in reverse longer than a pre-specified interval.
    • Altitude changes.

Console Application which is located at the agent’s Desktop

This module provides the visual GUI tool for user’s data, vehicles and site data entry, following are some features for this module:

  • Collect and display vehicles data, and alarms.
  • Display remote stations’ vehicles status and location (giving different colors for different vehicle’s categories) on a real-time basis.
  • Display alarm data instantaneously on a dashboard.
  • Connects to the higher level server to pass vehicles’ data and alarms.
  • Provides analytical and historical reports for both vehicles’ and area data.
  • Capability to measure the distance between two different vehicles.
  • Special purpose reports like driving patterns and behaviour, specific alarms related to specific areas or remote stations.
  • Driver Vehicle Assignment via Manual Automatic scheduling.
  • Multilingual GUI Support (Arabic/English)

Extra Modules

These modules are provided as a separate plug-ins to support any extra requirements by the customers:

Fuel Efficiency Module
Real time approximate fuel tank levels, fuel consumed by each vehicle and fuel purchases. Compare against average, or expected, fuel efficiency.
Animated Vehicle History Trails:
The industry’s only routed history trails delivering more accurate vehicle history. Also, see multiple vehicle history simultaneously on the same map view and replay these histories at your desired speed.
Fleet, Driver & Team Management
Gain incredible insights into your drivers. You can even re-route drivers to save valuable fuel and time.
Short Messaging: Reduce your cellular costs and voice usage, while maintaining instant and simple communication with your drivers
Maintenance Reporting
Improve safety and avoid expensive repairs with sophisticated tracking of vehicle service history. Automatic alerts instruct fleet managers when to schedule preventative maintenance.
Call Center Integration
The system is fully integrated with LogicsWare’s CASCO contact center for better integration between the enterprise and their customers to improve service delivery, and many other features