Hospitality Management Solution
  • Consolidate information.
  • Integrate business applications.
  • Identify your most profitable guests.
  • Enhance back-office business processes.
  • Allow your management team to stay on top of what's happening.
  • Provide you with higher returns.

Increase profits

In the competitive hospitality industry, you need every advantage to decrease costs, improve profits, grow your business, and keep your guests coming back for more. To do so, you need a technology partner that understands your business and can deliver globally innovative solutions—whether your organization is a hotel, resort, casino, or government lodging agency.

Change the way you work

Streamline your operations, centralize your processes, and increase your bookings with Infor®, the world’s largest software company with a commitment to the hotel industry. Join more than 13,700 hotels, resorts, gaming properties, and government housing facilities worldwide that use Infor hotel software, which was developed by technology experts who have more than 25 years of experience in hospitality.

At your fingertips, you’ll get

  • Actionable business intelligence, collaboration, real-time alerts and notifications, and enterprise searches—allowing you to react to user-generated content quickly and effectively, driving guest satisfaction and overall performance
  • Graphical dashboards that allow your management team to stay on top of what is happening across your business, and to initiate actions within the same dashboard
  • Role-based personalization for key business processes
  • Specific access to critical information via the Internet
  • Embedded business intelligence that provides you with key performance indicators as you are making business decisions Integrate collaboration with business processes
  • The Infor Ming.le platform is part of Infor’s ongoing commitment to redefining business software as you know it. You get the most innovative social collaboration technologies translated into a business environment and fully integrated across business processes, rather than just added on. With Infor Ming.le, users get a powerful assortment of advanced tools in an easy-to-use package that includes:

Contextual intelligence

Infor Ming.le combines real-time information from ERP, SCM, enterprise asset management (EAM), and financial systems, as well as any other transactional information, on a single screen. It automatically senses the type of work you’re doing and displays information relevant to that task, without requiring you to search for information and store the results.

Tasks and alerts

Infor’s technology transmits transactional information in real time, so you can keep up with the progress of important activities. You can filter, view, and monitor information to keep tabs on the items that matter most. Infor Ming.le also includes a workflow interface that can push approvals and alerts to the appropriate people when problems arise.

Drill back

Analytics and reports in Infor Ming.le feature full drill back capabilities so you can see the information supporting the data on your screen. If total costs suddenly spike on one production line, for example, you can immediately drill down and see which component of cost changed most to contribute to the increase. You’ll be able to zero in on issues that matter and keep your operations under control more easily.

Social objects

Drawing on a concept from the social media world, Infor Ming.le lets you “follow” particular social objects and people, delivering automatic notices based on parameters that you define. For example, if you’re a sales rep, you can be automatically notified of all activity relating to a top customer, receiving updates when orders are received, invoices are paid, and more.

Property Management

With Infor HMS, you can

  • Integrate your traditional PMS with your central reservation system (CRS) in a single database.
  • Add any package item to any rate plan, allowing guests to dynamically enhance their packages and hotel-stay experiences.
  • Determine guests’ lifetime value each time they make a reservation or check in to one of your properties.
  • Design your own screen layouts to fit your business requirements.
  • Deploy the solution on site or in the Infor cloud, or take advantage of other options. In addition, you’ll be able to deploy HMS as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) application in the future.
  • Get the information you need from a single screen.
  • Use existing interfaces that have already been developed for third-party hospitality products.
  • Ensure you fully comply with credit card certification PCI/PADSS 2.0 guidelines, because Infor HMS is PCI-DSS-compliant. Take advantage of a secure payments and notification (vault) component that securely stores credit card information.


In the hospitality industry it’s all about speed, and about allowing guests to communicate the way they want to with selected businesses. With Infor HMS Mobility, your staff and guests can access information directly from their enterprise applications in real time via mobile devices, without interfaces and middleware.

Mobile hotel services

As a hotel associate, you can perform the same functions on a hotel-owned Apple® iPad® that you perform on a standard workstation, using the same HMS credentials and graphical interface. For example, you can check in guests on your iPad curbside or at conference registration desks to speed up the process or to simply cut check-in or check-out wait time at the front desk. Plus, your concierge will easily be able to integrate information on local attractions to maps, and your housekeepers and rapid-response team will be able to work more efficiently.

Mobile guest services

With Infor HMS Mobility, your guests can complete tasks that are traditionally completed by a hotel associate—for instance, check-in and check-out—from their personal mobile devices. Your organization can customize logos, colors, images, and fonts on the app to maintain brand consistency.

Revenue management

In general, hotels using a revenue management solution (RMS) increase their turnover by 4% to 7% and their profits by 50% to 100%—without any increase in cost. Yet traditionally, existing solutions require intensive consulting and necessitate months of data collection before being fully operational for use by revenue management specialists within the operation. But there’s an alternative. You can get an easy-to-use, out-of-the-box RMS that’s specifically developed for the hospitality industry. With Infor EzRMS, you can sell the right product to the right customer at the right time for the right price. That’s because the core software application calculates demand forecasts for each future use of your hotel rooms, and recommends appropriate selling strategies,such as open/close rates, stay controls, open/close room categories, and overbooking levels—maximizing your yield and profit. You’ll get:

Lower costs

Make your service offering price extremely competitive with our software-as-a-service (SaaS) subscription model.

Greater flexibility

Create local, regional, or centralized revenue management structures/organizations.

Greater revenue opportunities

Get higher-value products and services—such as daily yield and database audits—with value-added additions to our core modules. You’ll be able to provide end users with lower-cost support and more efficient product upgrades.

Direct links to sales and distribution channels

Take advantage of direct interfaces to your distribution channels, including reservation systems and online hotel room portals.