Hospitality Solutions

This System is a call accounting solution with a PMS features which also supports the voice messaging system as well as some guest services like XML applications, Guest Contact Center and the Reservation IVR solution.

Call Accounting/Management

  • The system runs as service to start anonymously in case of power failure or system restarts (due to windows updates for example).
  • Automatically collects CDR data
  • The system supports both raw data and main database backup on CD/DVD media, including a light module that can report from the backed up data from the CD/DVD.
  • The system must raise alert and send email in case of:
    • No data received for a certain period of time (parameter)
    • Communication link failure (TCP/IP or RS232).
  • The system supports unlimited number of departments
  • The system supports the following:
    • Multiple PBX’s, with different models and types.
    • Multiple ISPs (carriers) based tariffs.
    • Multiple departments based charging.
    • Multiple destinations based charging (for the same ISP).
    • Time of day based charging.
    • Special Discounts
  • The system supports for surcharges for each destination.
  • The system supports unlimited number of different types of charges (Service charge, Taxes (City Tax,
  • Sales Tax, … etc))
  • The system supports group discounts, based on destination, or class (i.e. VIP).
  • The system identifies different types of calls such as direct, forwarded, transferred, and conference calls.
  • The system supports four hierarchical levels such as extension, department, divisions, and sectors).
  • The system supports standard reports for extensions, departments, divisions, and destinations.
  • The system is capable of communicating errors and error logs via different reporting and alarming schemes

Call Accounting/Management

  • The system is capable of two way communications with PMS for Hospitality, Billing, and Messaging (like voice mail).
  • The system supports the following messages/error handling:
    • Unlimited number of records should be stored in case of PMS failure (the hard disk size is the limit).
    • Communication link failure logging and alarming.
    • PMS link logging for verification.
    • Check-in/out
    • Group Check-in/Check-out
    • Room Move/Swap.
    • Guest Name Display.
    • Guest Information Change
    • Do Not Disturb.
    • Wakeup Calls.
    • Postings
      • Phone Charges.
      • Mini-bar.
  • The system ensures that upon check-in and check-out of guest, room phones are activated and deactivated automatically.
  • The system displays greeting message on the phone screen (depending on the phone type).
  • The system is able to handle multiple phones with the same service(s).
  • The system is able to delete (either promptly or time based) room call history after check-out.
  • The system ensures linking of multiple phones in a room or suite to a single mail box.
  • The system supports database synchronization (DB Swap).
  • The system ensures Infinite buffer in case of PMS failure (Database capacity is the limit)

Hotel IP Phone Based Services

  • The system has an admin tool to set user names/passwords for house keeping staff.
  • The system enables house keepers to send room status to the PMS via the IP phone screen.
  • The system enables house keepers to send mini-bar charges to the PMS via the IP Phone service.
  • Guest Services

This system is implemented in the following chains