IVR Solution

This is a customer account management module that integrates with most third party data base and with many back office systems which supports a real time agent screen with OMS as well as supporting SMS, Faxing and Email interactivity.

The Logics Ware IVR module is a component of our Voice Server, which has the following modules that can be also integrated with our IVR module:

1- Contact Center.

2- Voice Recording.

3- Voice Mail.

The following features briefly describe the capability of Logics Ware’s IVR module: Supports multiple types of PBX links (Analog, Digital, and VOIP (SIP))

  • Auto Attendant Module.
  • Proprietary Scripting Language.
  • Supports Multiple Languages, and Sub-Languages.
  • Enterprise and SMB Database Support:
    • MS-SQL.
    • MS MSDE 2000.
    • Oracle.
  • Supports CRM integration:
    • Order Status.
    • Account Balance.
  • Outbound Email Support.
  • Outbound Faxing.
  • SMS Support.
  • Automated Service Support:
    • Customer Follow up Surveys.
    • Customer Follow up Reminder.
  • Real-Time Reporting.
  • SIP (Extension/Trunk) Support.
  • ATM Modules:
    • SMS Integration.
    • Email Integration.
    • Location based services (ATM Locations on Google Maps).
  • IVR Banking Solution:
    • Customers with T PIN (Existing Customers):
      • Balance Inquiry
      • DB/CC Inquiries (current Balance, Last statement, Last 5 Transactions*)
      • A/C inquiries (A/C Balance, Loan Inquiry)
    • Payments and Transactions
      • Payments to your own CC
      • Transfer Between your own Bank Accounts
      • Statements by Fax (Banking St, DB/CC St)
      • Cheque Book Request
      • Installments Products
    • Accounts Maintenance
      • DB/CC Pin change
      • Pin change
    • Cards Activation
      • DB/CC activation and CC PIN creation/generation
      • DB/CC card Activation
    • New Customer: The system should acquire a T PIN* for the new customer.
    • Blocked/Stolen* Cards Reporting.
    • Product Knowledge.
    • Latest Promotions.
    • Speak to an Agent*.
    • Interface with Right FAX Software via Email.
    • E-statement via email.
  • Add-on Modules (Available Soon):
    • Speech Recognition.
    • Text to Speech.