POS Software

Restaurant Point of Sale Software

ParTech’s (PAR) modular suite of restaurant point of sale software applications is designed to positively impact every point of interaction and improve the total guest experience. PAR has more than 30 years experience in the restaurant POS business and more than 25,000 restaurants running its restaurant point of sale software.

PAR PixelPoint®

Restaurant Point of Sale software for restaurants.
PixelPoint restaurant point of sale software is a fully integrated, scalable restaurant point of sale software, back-office, and enterprise system. Reliable, flexible and easy to use, PixelPoint will help you improve all aspects of customer satisfaction and service efficiency.

PAR EverServ® Back Office

Restaurant point of sale back office tools for improved decision making.
PAR EverServ Back Office automates and streamlines daily administrative duties, allowing managers to focus on what really matters—customer service, employee mentoring and store performance. EverServ Back Office provides operational management support for PAR’s EverServ QSR and PAR EverServ Heritage POS restaurant point of sale software solutions.

PAR EverServ® Operations Reporting

Web-based enterprise reporting service that consolidates data from all your restaurants.
EverServ Operations Reporting is an indispensable decision-making tool designed for corporate, field, and site managers. Accessing an executive dashboard, you get clear visibility of up-to-the-minute financials, sales analysis, marketing, inventory and workforce.