Reservation Assistant (Spa & Activity Management)

Basis Reservation Module

  • Reservations including staff/room and other resources
  • Automatic suggestions for optimal dates (in terms of efficiency, time, etc.)
  • Quick edit by Drag & Drop
  • Individual views
  • Color coded indication of hotel guests reservations, daily visitors, courses and prescriptions
  • Evaluate capacity utilization
  • System messages, i.e. conflict management
  • Consideration of set-up time and post-processing time
  • Consideration of optional and tentative reservations
  • Guest history and reports
  • Definition and reservation of guest groups
  • Check reservation conditions
  • Manual multi-check-out for guests


  • Administration of different health insurance systems
  • Collective invoice
  • Deposit administration
  • Print receipts
  • Hold receipts
  • Direct link to stock control
  • Prorate internally
  • Standard day-view per user and departmen
  • Booking journal, cancellation journal, rebate journal
  • Sales analysis, cash book
  • Different payment modes and conditions
  • Settlement of group reservations
  • Split invoices
  • Inventory control
  • Search for article name, barcode and stock ID
  • Quick sale functions for vouchers
  • Commission settlement for products sales and treatments
  • Interface to all common PMS and access control systems

Mobile App

  • Sale of treatments, products and gift certificates via smartphones
  • 24/7 availability
  • Apple iOS und Android compliant
  • Automatic sending of SMS reminders
  • Real-time adaption of software

Facebook Booking App

  • Sale of treatments, products and gift certificates via Facebook
  • 24/7 availability
  • Easy, customized multimedia settings
  • Easy payment via credit card, direct debit or PayPal
  • Real-time adaption of software


  • Simple reservation of comprehensive cross-departmental packages
  • Reservation of packages with automatically proposed dates
  • Calculate packages within the administration module
  • Visual illustration of individual items
  • Marking of all packages with reserved individual items
  • Package evaluation
  • Exchange of individual items and automatic calculation of price difference
  • Handling of “arrangements”
  • Display prescriptions for settlement with health insurances
  • Dynamic packages
  • Couple reservations of packages
  • Add individual items to courses
  • Package discounts


  • Validity within the entire resort
  • Vouchers of set value or specific services, also for stays at the hotel and entrance to the thermal bath
  • Various voucher layouts
  • Voucher total view
  • Manage particular voucher status
  • Handle extra-system vouchers
  • Print cash-on-delivery-cards
  • Print voucher evaluation
  • Voucher reports, journal, redeemed vouchers, unredeemed vouchers and printed vouchers
  • Check validity with voucher-browse-module
  • Print vouchers including barcode
  • Automatic print of vouchers with residual value
  • Extension of expired vouchers
  • Online sales and redemption


  • Manage all supplier details
  • Product details per supplier
  • Automatic order processes
  • Stock-taking by barcode scanner
  • Calculate costs on basis of the moving average price procedure
  • Label printing
  • Stock rotation report
  • Stock-receipt review
  • Calculate current average price
  • Optimal/minimal stock of inventory
  • Direct integration into Reservation Assistant
  • Formula and warehouse management
  • Incoming control – invoice number, corrections and evaluation time


  • Reservation of tee-times, e-carts and supplies
  • Differently colored illustrations, depending on the status of reservation
  • Consolidation of booked tee-times using Drag & Drop
  • Players´ handicap taken into consideration
  • Administration of club members
  • Day-view of all golf courses
  • Integration into package management
  • Integration into voucher management
  • Online booking


  • Visual illustration of the entire restaurant and further independent areas, e.g. terrace
  • Easy administration of objects and attributes such as tables and chairs
  • Differentiation between dining areas (window, quiet) to suit guests´ requirements
  • Easy and quick consolidation of tables
  • Check-in and check-out function
  • Operate via Touch Screen
  • Allow your guests to book a table at any time via the TAC Web Engine:
    • Predetermined restaurant capacity for in-house and online bookings
    • Real-time illustration of table availability
    • Evaluations and reports (average visiting time, occupancy rate per table)
    • Online booking
    • Change table arrangement according to occasion
    • Mark delayed or overdue reservations visually


  • Links to guest profiles and correspondence
  • Evaluation from the resort to individual services
  • Automatic reminder via SMS or E-Mail to avoid no-shows
  • Form mails or SMS to different customer bases
  • Evaluations of products, reservations, trade goods, packages, sales figures or membership types
  • Consideration of a guest´s native language
  • Separate guests according to age, gender, origin, guest type or preferences
  • Evaluation of recruiting members
  • Evaluation of resources
  • Tracking of marketing campaigns


  • Direct guest contact via mobile phones
  • Increased sales by promotions targeted to members of your customer loyalty club
  • Cost advantage compared to plastic cards
  • Automatic reservation reminders to avoid no-shows


  • Available 24/7
  • Ideal opportunity to promote your products and services
  • Present information in a multimedia context, up-to-date and adjusted to your Corporate Design
  • Full integration allows for smooth processes without media disruption
  • Automatic insertion of reservations into Reservation Assistant
  • Easy payment by credit card, direct debit or PayPal

Digital Signage

  • In-house marketing via electronic posters
  • Display of available treatments,
  • products and classes
  • Automatic content updates
  • Dynamic adaption of content
  • Integrated in spa or club design
  • Individual or synchronized illustration on different screens


  • Over 1,000 different report options
  • Different formats (.pdf, .rtf, .xls, .csv)
  • Structured reports
  • Reports automatically sent by e-mail at defined intervals
  • No erasing of data and therefore traceability as far back as necessary
  • Countless parameters allow for individual reporting variants
  • Saved report parameters
  • Description of reports within the module
  • Access limitation for employees possible


  • Specific spa KPI‘s
  • Real-time illustration
  • Automatic calculation
  • Comparison with data from previous periods
  • Individual design
  • Graphical illustration
  • Definition of groups according to departments or evaluation type
  • Forecasts
  • Display expected guests