Next Generation Guest Intelligence
Thousands of hotels in 90+ countries rely upon ReviewPro to improve guest satisfaction and increase revenue.

ReviewPro: Customer Intelligence for Hotels

ReviewPro enables hoteliers and restaurateurs to increase guest satisfaction and grow revenue by proactively managing and improving their online reputation.

The company's suite of web-based tools, including the Revenue Optimizer, Advanced Guest Satisfaction Survey solution and Hotel Analysis Reports, provide the analysis, customer intelligence, competitive benchmarking and reporting needed to help hospitality professionals maximize their organization’s performance.

ReviewPro aggregates hundreds of millions of reviews in 40+ languages from more than 100 review sites, online travel agencies (OTAs) & all major social media platforms.

What ReviewPro Do?

ReviewPro aggregates hundreds of millions of reviews & social media mentions, in 45+ languages, on 100+ of the most relevant OTAs, review websites and social media platforms.


360 Guest Intelligence in One Dashboard:

Online Reputation

Guest Surveys

Impact of Reviews on Revenue
92% of travelers indicate that their decisions are highly influenced by reviews & other user generated content.
(e-tailing group)
38 The average number of websites travelers visit before booking a trip.
(Expedia Media Solutions/Compete)
53% of consumers say they won’t book a hotel if it has zero reviews
68% of customers will book a room at a property that responds to reviews over a hotel that does not
33% of travelers changed their primary choice during the booking process after using social media and review sites
(World Travel & Tourism Council)
11% The percentage by which a hotel can increase its pricing while maintaining the same occupancy or market share if it improves its review scores by 1 point on a 5-point scale
(Cornell University)

Reputation Equals Revenue

  • Cornell University condcted a study in partnership with ReviewPro and STR, analyzing
    • Nearly a million reviews over the period of tow and a half years
    • Luxury, upscale and midscale segments
    • 11 Key marks across the USA and Europe
  • Results confirm the clear impact of online reputation on all offline and online distribution channels

ReviewPro suite of web-based tools allows you to:

  • Optimize Average Daily Rates (ADR), occupancy & RevPAR
  • Benchmark guest satisfaction
  • Manage & respond to online guest reviews
  • Monitor & respond to Social Media conversations
  • Identify positive & negative operational / service-related trends
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